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A Cup of Sins - Compositions by Parisa Sabet

Released August 26, 2022 through Redshift Music Society

Digital Streaming and CD Purchase available

Lionel Daunais - Mélodies - Songs

27 solo songs, duets and trios composed by

Québecois baritone Lionel Daunais

Jacqueline Woodley, Soprano; Annina Haug, Mezzo-Soprano;

Pierre Rancourt, Baritone; Marc Bourdeau, Piano

Available on all streaming platforms -



Production Teasers...

Height of Summer (Cloud Light) by Norbert Palej - Jacqueline Woodley and Steven Philcox
00:00 / 00:00

SVADBA - San Francisco Opera  2016

Teaser Trailer for SFO Opera Lab Production of Svadba (Ana Sokolovic)

TAPESTRY BRIEFS: Winter Shorts  - Tapestry Opera

Interviews and clips - Creating Winter Shorts, November 2017

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